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Fight Therapy Clips
Duration: 3min and 20sec

One person outside their comfort zone while the other person is comfortably within theirs creates an imbalance of power. Two people outside their comfort zones opens up the possibility for mutual understanding or “empathy” – the ability to feel, understand, and possibly identify with the other person’s situation.

The discussions after the training session often reflect this newly opened space in that they are usually less composed. I have follow-up sessions with those that want to continue training. The culmination of their training results in a public or private grappling match. I act as both a Fight Therapist and referee, sometimes putting myself in the role of one of the grapplers.

If there are any problems viewing this video, you can also view it here.

Fight Therapy is an art project and all participants are fully informed, and understand, that the activity that they are engaging in is not a licensed therapy practice.