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Performance Exchange
Performance Exchange
Duration: 2 hrs

I took measurements in Seoul, South Korea as part of an international performance exchange organized by Elana Mann in response to the 2008 US presidential elections.
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I interpreted the following performance directions by artist Vincent Ramos.

-”Take a measurement”.
-”Take pictures with no apparent aesthetic value”.
Repeat actions numerous times.
Should be done in a public place.

-Possibly a “period sound” lies somewhere dormant.
-Rely on small movements.
-Utilize a mark-making process.
-Define location.
-Embrace the usage of props.
-Stumble upon language.
-Architecture is your friend.

I decided to incorporate the performance into a language exchange with a Korean artist, Yang Youn Hwa. With vocabulary necessary, she instructed me to measure the distance between me and other people in the Hongdae area in Seoul, South Korea. I used chalk to define my position in relation to others who, for the most part, didn’t stand still long enough for me to complete the measurement. I subsequently had to readjust my position to get a close enough numeric result. While attempting to define my spacial relationship to the little girl, the Kia Superhero (with his man purse) serendipitously walked into the picture.

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