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The Association of Combative Landscapes
The Association of Combative Landscapes
combat crayons, paper, people, sidewalk

Association of Combative Landscapes is open for members and collaborators.

The Association of Combative Landscapes (ACL) is a collaborative, non-profit, professional association dedicated to physical movement in contentious spaces. Drawing from the structure of Collaborative Combative Drawing, The ACL consists of members committed to productively channel spatial and economic aggressions while negotiating changing urban realities.

Through its specialized hand-to-hand Dynamic Color Field Combat Training and unconventional resources, the ACL provides members with tools for finding balance in conflictual situations, leveraging movement out of compromised positions and actuating advanced mark making/space claiming strategies. Utilizing invigorating and versatile conflict navigation, members are invited to become Special Operations Associates to further the association’s mission to equip a new breed of city dwellers for the increasing need for stability and revitalization.

In collaboration with Southern Exposure, ACL offered Dynamic Color Field Combat training at the Gathering of The Society for the Advancement of Bureaus and Offices in San Francisco during the 20th Street Block Party. Member and Collaborator Carol Manke conducted combative landscape conversations for the cultivation of around spatial justice.

Photos of the event can be found here