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Collaborative Combative Drawing
Collaborative Combative Drawing
2012 - present

Collaborative Combative Drawing is an ongoing practice that has taken place in galleries, museums, university classrooms, offices, private homes and conferences.
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The photo (by Pablo Fuentes) above was taken at a performance during a residency at Alter Space in San Francisco. More information here

One large piece of paper, one central goal, multiple artists, power animals at the ready, drawing tools cocked and loaded, and the understanding that collaboration is messy… Whether negotiating personal or professional relationships or simply coexisting, everyone comes to the table with their own ideas. Sometimes those ideas fuse, sometimes they clash; often they do both. The harmonious side of human nature seeks a common ground, knowing there will disputed objectives before a new perspective can be adopted. Collaborative combative drawing utilizes the energy created by the inherent pushing and pulling in human relationships as a method of (art) production.

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