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Negotiation Table
Negotiation Table

Negotiation Table was a part of Resistance Training, a show at Slide Space 123 on the Mills Campus, curated by Glen Helfand.

Instructions: I invited participants to challenge each other to a negotiation drawing. This involves mapping out representation of their personal subjectivities through visual patterns while crossing over into each other’s space.

Two people sit down on opposite sides of the table and begin to draw a personally meaningful pattern of their choosing (checkers, dots, lines, zigzags, etc.) Each person starts from their own side of the paper and works towards the middle. When they reach the center, their goal is to complete their pattern on the opposite side of the paper while attempting to block their partner from doing the same.

How to block: Participants are allowed to use any part of their body to block, they may grab the other person’s wrist or attempt to take away their pen.

See photos of the Negotiation Table being activated.